Only the Lonely

Know the way I feel tonight

No! The way I feel, tonight?

Know the way: I feel, tonight!

No! The whey I feel tonight.

No' the way I feel. Tonight?

Know the way. I feel. Tonight.

...know the way I feel? Tonight?

Feeney, know a hot twilight?

Thy know a low fit eighteen?

Know with a Helene gift toy

Wow! A thin ethylene fog kit!

Now, with a knight of eyelet

"Hi Gent, a fee now", howl Kitty

Oh, boy. "The Mad Anagrammarian" is back.

Sage Seven One, maybe?

Get a date (and then get laid)

(well, not necessarily in that order. You could get laid and then get a date...more interesting that way)

(or better yet, just get laid and skip the date...costs less)

(unless you're Hugh Grant)

Heaven Grant that Hugh are not.

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